Inter-School Climate Change Awareness Raising Quiz and Art Work Competition, Organized by Caritas Freetown with Support from Trocaire


On Wednesday, December 20, 2023, a remarkable event unfolded at St. Edwards Secondary School Hall in Kingtom. It was the Inter-School Climate Change Awareness Raising Quiz and Art Work Competition, organized by Caritas Freetown with support from Trocaire. This event marked another significant step in their ongoing initiative to raise awareness and advocate for climate change mitigation and adaptation in the western urban and rural districts of Freetown.

Eight schools enthusiastically participated in the competition, with four representing the Western Rural district and the remaining four from the Western Urban district. The primary objective of this event was to educate and sensitize pupils about the far-reaching effects of climate change and the urgent need to protect our communities and the world from its detrimental impacts.

The competition began with the Quiz segment, where pupils showcased their knowledge and understanding of climate change-related topics. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as the participants demonstrated their expertise. St. Francis School from Newton emerged as the winner, impressing the judges with their comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Holy Family School at Calaba town secured the second position, closely followed by St. Benedict School from Low Cost community in third place.

Simultaneously, the Art Work Competition took place, allowing pupils to express their creativity and convey powerful messages through their artwork. The hall transformed into an exhibition space, adorned with vibrant and thought-provoking creations. Werner Holzer from Allen Town, from a talented young artist, claimed the first position with his captivating artwork that depicted the fragile state of our planet and the urgent need for collective action. We Yone Primary School from Kroo Bay community secured the second position with their visually striking piece, while Withernsea Int. Jr. Secondary School from Grafton thoughtfully crafted artwork earned them the third position. The top three schools for both the quiz and Art competition were awarded certificates of merit and cash prizes. The school administrations are expected to use this money to buy equipment that will help reduce the impact of climate change in their schools. All the pupils that participated were also awarded certificates of participation for their outstanding performances.

Following the competition, the organizers arranged for the best debaters from each school to visit a local radio station (Epic Radio 99.3). This platform provided them with an opportunity to discuss the event and how it had transformed their lives. The pupils passionately shared their newfound knowledge about climate change and the importance of taking immediate action to mitigate its effects. Their articulate speeches and heartfelt stories captivated the listeners, inspiring them to join the cause and work towards a sustainable future.

The Inter-School Climate Change Awareness Raising Quiz and Art Work Competition proved to be a resounding success in fostering awareness and engaging the younger generation in the fight against climate change. The event not only showcased the talent and intelligence of the participating students but also instilled in them a sense of responsibility towards the environment. It was a day that would be remembered as a turning point in their lives, as they left the event with a renewed dedication to protecting our planet and spreading climate change awareness in their communities and beyond.

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