Caritas Nutrition Project Combating Malnutrition in Young Children


In a remarkable humanitarian effort, the Caritas Freetown Nutrition Project, generously sponsored by Caritas Germany, has been making significant strides in the battle against malnutrition. This initiative is targeting fifteen communities in the Western Area Rural and Urban districts, with the primary goal of identifying, registering and treating malnourished children while educating their lactating mothers.

Moreover, it empowers mothers with knowledge on preparing the vital High Protein Diet (HPD) Bennie Mix food, essential for the healthy growth of their children.

Recently, a delegation comprising representatives from Caritas Germany and dedicated Caritas Freetown staff conducted a monitoring visit to two communities, Allen Town and Tombo, both of which have witnessed substantial improvements due to the nutrition project. In these fragile communities, high infant mortality rates were once a harsh reality, exacerbated by a lack of proper nutrition education for newborns.

Michael K. Bangura, a Community Chief Caritas Allen Town community, shared his perspective on life before the project’s initiation, stating, “We used to have a lot of infant mortality, and most of the children who died were malnourished. It was at that point we realized the need for therapeutic intervention, and it was during that time this project came.” He continued by emphasizing the transformative impact the project has had, not only reducing infant mortality but also visibly improving the health of babies. Michael highlighted the project’s role in empowering women with essential nutritional knowledge, which they, in turn, pass on to others in their communities.

Fatmata Kargbo, the Community Chairlady of the production process in Tombo Community, expressed her profound gratitude to both Caritas Freetown and Caritas Germany for their unwavering support. She shared, “I’m grateful to be part of this initiative because all three of my children have benefited from it.” Fatmata stressed the happiness among the mothers of beneficiaries, as the project contributes to the robust and healthy growth of their infants. Mariatu, echoing this sentiment, added, “We hope this project continues because things are expensive, and we get all the ingredients free of charge.”

Remarkably, the Nutrition Project has positively impacted approximately four hundred and ninety-five babies for 2022 to 2023 year under review, saving lives and instilling hope in mothers for the healthy futures of their children, especially in these challenging times.

In conclusion, the Caritas Freetown Nutrition Project, supported by Caritas Germany, stands as a shining example of humanitarian collaboration, bringing tangible improvements to vulnerable communities and nurturing a brighter future for the youngest among us. This initiative is a testament to the transformative power of knowledge and collective effort in the fight against malnutrition.

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