Our History

Established in 1981 by the mandate of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Sierra Leone, the Archdiocesan Development Office, commonly known as Caritas Freetown, has served since the last 33 years as the relief and development arm of the Archdiocese of Freetown.

In 2011 the Diocese of Freetown and BO was divided in two.

Currently Caritas Freetown continues working to eradicate poverty, corruption, injustice; to facilitate equality, good governance, peace, human rights; to promote women, youth and disabled empowerment and also to build resilience trough different action focusing in the Western Area Urban and Rural Districts of Sierra Leone. Caritas is also interested in issues of livelihoods, relief, rehabilitation and healthcare delivery. It means the holistic development of human being.

The Justice and Peace commission‘s key goal is to ensure a just society and peaceful co-existence which are key pillars of nations building and development. Practically, resolving disputes and ensuring a peaceful resolution and protection of beneficiaries communities is a crucial aspect of the operations of the commission

Taking reference from international and national laws and documents like the Agenda for Prosperity published by Sierra Leone’s Government for the Country’s post war recovery plan, Caritas Freetown implement projects over the last few years period focusing in different themes.

As a Catholic Church entity the institution has a strong commitment to the Christian values and principles so one priority for Caritas is the formation of youth groups and the promotion of family life and demonstrating leadership in fostering authentic respect for the dignity and rights of every person independently irrespective of their religion, race, tribe, etc. The organization works with communities, government ministries, departments, agencies, local and international partners and community base organizations building the capacities of these community structures in order to enhance their livelihoods and strengthen their capacities to handle their own issues.

Caritas Freetown is also serving as a coordinating office for the socio-pastoral mission of the Catholic Archdiocese of Freetown, networking, supporting, sharing resources, and streamlining the activities of all major actors involved in the Church’s Mission in the Archdiocese particularly parish groups, other diocesan organization, religious congregations, and other bodies active in the Archdiocese, it seek to promote the affairs and interest of these institutions purposely to ensure quality service to the poor.