Tzu Chi Foundation Leads Community Cleaning Initiative to Combat Flooding in Kroo Bay


In an ongoing effort to combat persistent flooding in Kroo Bay, the Tzu Chi Foundation spearheaded a community cleaning initiative on Saturday, February 24th, 2024. Kroo Bay, known for its struggles with flooding, faces challenges exacerbated by excessive garbage dumped by inhabitants and neighboring hilltop communities.

The initiative, a proactive response to the recurring issue, saw the provision of cleaning equipment to residents, empowering them to take ownership of their environment and prevent future flooding. Margret Bassie, the Representative of Tzu Chi Foundation in Sierra Leone, emphasized the importance of community involvement in flood mitigation efforts, highlighting Kroo Bay as a pilot phase for the foundation’s initiatives.

Last August, the Tzu Chi Foundation, in collaboration with Healey International Relief Foundation, Lanyi Foundation, and Caritas Freetown, conducted a flood mitigation exercise in Kroo Bay. The recent community cleaning initiative serves as a continuation of these efforts, aiming to create a cleaner and safer environment for residents.

Chief Mary Kamara, a stakeholder in Kroo Bay Community, expressed gratitude to the Tzu Chi Foundation for their continuous support. She acknowledged the abundance of garbage in the community and emphasized the significance of the cleaning exercise in promoting rest and overall well-being among residents.

Margret Bassie emphasized the importance of community ownership in sustaining the impact of flood mitigation efforts. By empowering residents to maintain a clean and healthy environment, the initiative seeks to foster resilience and pave the way for development in Kroo Bay Community.

In conclusion, the collaborative efforts of the Tzu Chi Foundation and other organizations reflect a proactive approach to addressing environmental challenges and promoting community resilience in Kroo Bay. Through community-driven initiatives like the recent cleaning exercise, stakeholders aim to mitigate flooding and create a safer, healthier environment for all inhabitants.

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