German Philanthropist and Team Provide Humanitarian Aid to Disabled Community in Freetown


In a heartwarming display of generosity and care, Dr. Elizabeth Barbara Klett, a 92-year-old German philanthropist, has spearheaded a two-week program at the St. Mary’s Fatima Interim Care Center in the No. Two River Community, dedicated to assisting individuals with disabilities in Freetown. The initiative, which commenced on March 7th, 2024, encompasses two crucial phases: one devoted to caring for individuals with Autism, and the other to providing essential medical support to persons with disabilities (PWDs).

Accompanied by four dedicated colleagues from Germany, Dr. Klett orchestrated a comprehensive effort to address the diverse needs of Freetown’s disabled population. Among the team members was Larissa Jemma Kendler, an expert in Autism care, who devoted her time to engaging individuals with Autism through activities like drawing, games, and motivational sessions.

Heinz-Christoph Hemme, a German Military Doctor and Dentist, explained that his mission involved assessing the dental health and hygiene of the beneficiaries. Recognizing the significance of dental care, Dr. Hemme emphasized the importance of education on dental hygiene and highlighted the potential health risks associated with untreated dental issues, such as heart and lung diseases.

Leilah Patzak and Iris Mittelhammer, both military doctors from Germany, played pivotal roles in providing essential healthcare services to the beneficiaries. Leilah underscored the community’s enthusiasm for the services offered, which many viewed as viable alternatives to traditional healthcare facilities. She emphasized the team’s commitment to referring patients to clinics when necessary, recognizing the limitations of their onsite services.

In addition to the remarkable efforts of Dr. Elizabeth Barbara Klett and her team, it’s worth noting that over 100 individuals have directly benefited from the medical services provided during the two-week program. This substantial outreach underscores the program’s significant impact on the disabled community in Freetown.

The beneficiaries expressed profound gratitude for the support extended to them during the program. Dr. Klett’s benevolence extended beyond medical assistance, as beneficiaries also received tokens to aid in sustaining their livelihoods.

The impact of Dr. Elizabeth Barbara Klett’s initiative transcends borders, underscoring the profound difference that compassionate intervention can make in the lives of vulnerable communities. As the program draws to a close, its legacy of compassion serves as a beacon of hope for individuals with disabilities in Freetown.

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