Community Engagement in Makorbeh Community Empowers Men and Boys on how to Combat Gender-Based Violence


In a concerted effort to address Gender-Based Violence (GBV), a collaborative project titled “Strengthening Behavioral Change on SGBV Prevention; Promoting Access to Justice and Hygiene Education for Vulnerable Women and Girls in the Western Area Rural” convened an engaging session on April 19, 2024, in the Makorbeh community of Songo village, located in the Western Rural Area.

In partnership with the Sierra Leone Police, Family Support Unit (FSU) and the Ministry of Gender and Children’s Affairs, alongside support from Manos Unidas, the project aimed to raise awareness among men and boys regarding their crucial roles in combatting SGBV at the grassroots level.

The session commenced with an overview of the project’s objectives and a recap of previous sessions, during which participants showcased their application of knowledge gained. The Ministry of Gender and Childern’s Affairs representative, Mr. Ahmed Turay, underscored the Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GEWE) Act, elucidating the ministry’s role in addressing SGBV issues, legal frameworks, available services, and referral pathways.

Subsequently, the Caritas Freetown, Justice and Peace Commission facilitator, Mr. Andrew Kponeh, delved into discussions on challenging gender stereotypes and violence, fostering an interactive environment where participants posed questions, offered insights, and engaged with one another.

The impact of community engagement was key as attendees expressed deep appreciation for the newfound awareness, pledging to uphold respect and love in their interactions with spouses and children. Community leaders and participants alike vowed to disseminate these essential messages to wider audiences, ensuring sustained progress in combating SGBV.

In conclusion, the collaborative efforts of stakeholders underscored a significant step forward in empowering communities to tackle GBV effectively. By equipping men and boys with knowledge and fostering dialogue, initiatives like these are pivotal in fostering lasting behavioral change and promoting gender equality.

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