Caritas Freetown Emergency Response Team


Caritas Health Pillar Extends Support to Flood victims in the East End part of Freetown city. The forgotten Flood victims by the 14th August, 2017 flooding received attention from Caritas Freetown in partnership with the Government Comand Centre in East End Freetown.
“The camera never paid attention to us the suffering masses of Culvert/Kolbort community” lamented a community activist”. Wellington and Mountain Cut and Culvert communities were ravaged by the flooding. No death was reported but the human calamity meted by the vulnerable women and children was severe for human account .A command center was set up at the John F. Kennedy School, Cline town in the east to coordinate affairs of the flood suffering masses in the eaat end of Freetown. Caritas Freetown in collaboration with the John F. Kennedy command center have started providing medical support to children, women and all affected population.
Caritas was welcome and appreciated by the Deputy Minister of Health 2, Mrs Madina Rahman who additionally provides three Medical Doctors in support to Health team. A mobile health center was set up at the Municipal Junior Secondary School, Kissy treating all minor injuries and health disturbances to residence of Culvert and its environs.
On the other hand, the Culvert Community is provided with (Wet feeding) or daily cooked food being prepared by their women. The food is same like the normal local food they eat in their homes.
The food and medical interventions will continue until the precatious human situation is brought to normalcy. Speaking to Madam Fatu Turay, a victim of the flood disaster who volunteer herself to head the cooking, she narrates about the heavy damages incurred by all, that includes loss of mattresses, cooking utensils, businesses, cash, clothings, and other values.
The community appreciate the on going intervention on food, medical and psychosocial support from Caritas. The Wet feeding continuous, whilst other intervention benefiting affected school going children and women household heads will be considered

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